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Are we too seriously about coworking space?

Coworking spaces great help for starting a business. However, without coworking space, startups can still be a successful entrepreneur.

Absolutely you can still start a business without coworking space

Have you too much importance to the coworking space?

An afternoon tea accidentally kicked the sidewalk I heard a lament that young people can not work if not to coworking A locality Hanoi. I was startled. Coworking space can go a certain to do well, but without completely coworking you can still start a business after all.

Do not forget Bill Gates began his career in the family’s cramped warehouse. Not to mention this to your genius, then pour about 50 years ago, in the world do with coworking, but hundreds of successful entrepreneurs are born and made great achievements for mankind.

I do not underestimate the role of the entrepreneur coworkinh by working in this common workspace you feel more relaxed, very creative, have an opportunity to learn and share business experiences, opportunities to the exposure to successful entrepreneurs, large investors, ….

However, if no coworking, you can still start a business, from a certain narrowness office, even a damp warehouse space. So do not take too seriously coworking. Remember common workspace is just one of the factors that help you go faster on the road to success only.

Coworking space is one of the factors that help you go faster on the road to succeed

Do not let coworking become mainstream

The founder used to say coworking coworking model was born as starting a business, it is associated with the start-up and no meaning if there is no start-up. Some time ago I believe the majority of people to coworking work are those who work or passion, or bring in your dream successful entrepreneur.

But, lately she seems to mean a lot more when light kneading the coworking startup to work, but not because of a burning desire to succeed, but simply because the mainstream.

Find friends to coworking work, I can go there to work. People with ideas like these often do not appreciate the role of the startup community that focuses only superficial design of coworking. For someone starting a business, coworking beautiful or ugly does not matter, important is where they feel comfortable, creative and have more opportunities to succeed.


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