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How to build a success Coworking Space

Startup Vietnam are “thirsty” coworking space in both quantity and quality. There are many models working space was formed and put into operation, but if it comes to effectiveness, it must assert not high and not promote coworking space’s strengths.

Coworking space difficulties in Vietnam

So how to build a coworking space efficiently? The question for business people coworking space?


Building an effective coworking

To set up a coworking space is not difficult, just we have money to invest, but also the wisdom to establish a prestigious community. But how effective coworking space its own right, it is all that matters.

Vietnam coworking space tragedy that it must compete with cafes shops, …. A large castle was built from small bricks. To build a true coworking space effectively, you can refer to the following steps to address.

Generate revenues

Coworking space want to perform well with revenues. This source of revenue comes from rental costs seating, meeting rooms, office services, entertainment services, rental Event … Also be associated with the start-up organizations and request support from them, of course you would spend what they have to meet their requirements.


Không gian tuyệt vời

Coworking space key is to have income to live. Should not rely totally on the funding for dependent and unstable.

Attracts Viet startup

To be able to attract Vietnamese startup you must first understand their psychology. Who works independently, individual will have different price, also accompanies the team will have a different price. Promotion may include, for example, a group of 4 people who will be a promotional one.

Screening member

Vietnamese youth are curious about coworking space, but not necessarily because of 100% are derived from startups reason, someone looking to coworking space because of its novelty only. So want to hold these Vietnamese youth, the coworking must always make a difference.

Next build a startup community activities effectively. Must have requirement for members wishing to join the community. Prerequisite is to have strengths in certain areas. Connect members who share the goal of the task of the management.


Book a trial

  • Pick a plans
  • Trial20.000VND/Day
  • Daily Entry80.000VND/Day
  • Freelancer1.400.000VND/Month
  • StudioFrom 5.400.000VND/Month
  • Classroom and Event spaceFrom 150.000/Hour

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