Working with nature

Starts September 17, 2016
Ends September 18, 2016

6:00 am - 2:00 pm

An lạc Eco Farm



Coworking in the forest – discovery, collaboration, creativity

Work at eco resorts to be in the harmony with nature


Online – Rest assured, we have reliable & high-quality Internet stability.

Green – Eating organic, breathe fresh air, relax in the sound of the wind rustling within the forests.

Social – Be part of the friendly, enthusiastic and dynamic iHouse community.


As a freelancer, do you ever think about bringing  laptop into the forest to work?

Take a temporarily leave of the bustling, crowded city; to mingle with nature while staying in the resort, looking at immense mountains and began to work comfortably

Breathe fresh air at dawn,  sipping lotus tea while watching sun raises, and start a working day with friends on a beautiful jungle view

The work of freelancers always require an independent, in-depth thinking and creative expression; and it has always very thorny and bring deserved compensation, but the downside of it is the fatigue of the soul and body; And what better than a gentle relax time in the jungle with full amenities and still connect with the job?


When your ideas are blocked, or have to solve problems in a creative way, why not try to do the job when you’re immersed with nature, because nature is always inspiring and give us human creative ideas.

As freelancers, sometimes we are too busy in our own work that we forget that we work together at coworking, please join one short day trip with us to understand and mingle with interesting people of iHouse coworking- all the interesting stories always start from friendship in unexpected places.


iHouse coworking  always consider creating a comfortable working environment and building community values to empower freelancers as our main task: you just try to play the same view, you will love it!

With a lot of space, we want to create a useful playground for healthy and independent freelancers to share experiences together: a Foosball game they’ve had in the city, can turn into a football match on the pitch will be more wonderful; 01 BBQ meal under the glittering stars whislt feeling the cool autumn win


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  • Pick a plans
  • Trial80.000VND/Day
  • Daily Entry120.000VND/Day
  • Freelancer1.400.000VND/Month
  • StudioFrom 4.500.000VND/Month
  • Classroom and Event spaceFrom 150.000/Hour

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