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Freelancer- Job trend of Vietnamese youth

Freelancer is the popular job trend in the world, more and more employees quit and separated to be freelancer. However, in Vietnam, this concept is quite new and not flourished.

2016 is considered as the year of prosperity for Freelancer in Vietnam. It predicts that freelance model will have the new strides, this impact directly affect to the startup community.


Freelancer grows strongly in the world

Types of Freelancer in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Freelancer is classified into two types: part time and full time. The concept of “full time” has a big change. If you work full time for a company, under their management and coworking space, certainly you will not be able to do full time for another company, that is not called Freelancer.

In case of working full time as Freelancer, you will not be managed on time and be allowed to work for many companies, enterprises, as long as you can complete your tasks efficiently. There are also a lot of freelancers working for a client in a long time.

Want to do as a freelancer, you must firstly have a certain experience in certain fields. It is a prerequisite for you to become a freelancer and making employers who want to hire you to work for them.


Freelancer in Vietnam has many job opportunities

What makes Vietnam Freelancer most satisfaction is that they work freely, not were seriously constrained by any regulations of any business organization. However, freedom does not mean that arbitrarily work and leave. To become a successful freelancer, you must be able to work independently and have a high degree of self-discipline.

Currently, there are many owners of many companies, businesses hired freelancers to work for them because freelancers can help them save many costs and cooperate both long-term and a short time.

In return, Freelancer will meet the needs of temporary employees for the enterprise, project owners and are constantly looking for other projects to cooperate. Hence, Vietnamese freelancers have many job opportunities.

Where are Freelancer’s workspace? In Hanoi coworking space, they are cafeshops or any other place that you feel work effectively.


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