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Should quit job proffessionally

Many young people have dreams, have ambition, have the desire to get ahead in your career, but could not bring themselves to abandon high-paying jobs, leaving a large company and are afraid to face the turbulent early days .

No success can only step on the roses without facing bricks. Have the courage to turn their dreams into reality by a professional resignation leaves when you are ready.


Only quit when you are ready

Financial Preparation

Job severance means that you lose a large income. Money is not everything, but no money means that you can not survive in the business world. So you decide to quit your job, you must have money in your pocket to save, have enough money to overcome difficulties and not have to worry that tomorrow what will you eat anything, how will you live, and what workspace will you work ….

Ready thoughts

Everything will completely change when you leave an old work environment and entering a new environment with unfamiliar things. Sometimes, though has embarked on a new job, but you still have to be the dominant old habits lead to decreased work performance.

Do you have leave-days at the company where you prepare from working? Make the most of them before you leave because embarking on a new job you will not have time to rest. At this time,you have to take advantage of their enthusiasm and hard work by your best.


Find for yourself a suitable coworking space

Once you leave, you will not have your own office, right? Come a any favorite Hanoi coworking Space, and integrate into the startup community. You should take advantage of a relationship with a former boss and connect with young entrepreneurs who share the same aspirations, dreams and integrate into the community to gain experience, motivation and ideas for a startup.

Things need to remember when quitting

Please notify 2 weeks before leaving, if you can talk sooner, make sure the company you are doing is not lost, and there was a replacement when you travel, and also mentally prepared that you will have inadequacy when your power is taken away cleanly. Finally, you need to read carefully the labor contracts to avoid losing individual rights.

Wish you a successful entrepreneur!


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