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iHouse coworking space – new generation office trend

Coworking space in the world was born in 2000, ie 16 years ago. Once born, despite of facing many difficulties, it still grows strongly due to meeting the needs of modern world.

In Vietnam, although common workspace was born quite late, iHouse coworking space has known how to make the world’s knowledge to create a space that is so modern and suitable with Vietnam startup community.


Ideal Coworking for startup community

Startup community in iHouse coworking space

Features of the startup community in iHouse coworking space is that 90% of them are young people; operating in diverse fields, having the same goal which is to make a successful entrepreneur.

With the desire to expand the network sustainable connections, iHouse coworking space is constantly finding and connecting people sharing the same passions, interests, and could sharply on a few specific areas, organizing exchanges, making it events let the big ideas can come together, thereby creating more opportunities for cooperation, stimulating innovation and building new projects.

Flexible price

In order to alleviate the burden and help startup community comfortably work, iHouse coworking space always give the most reasonable prices for services. Compared to the average market price, price here is just lower, not higher. In return, the entrepreneurs have gathered to iHouse more and more, creating a true startup community.


Price of all services are also cheap

Meeting the needs

Many of the projects have been successful in coworking space Ihouse. Management Board startup community here has conducted a survey of small entrepreneurship for self-assessment presented in its working efficiency. And the results are surprising.

70% of survey participants said at Ihouse coworking space they work more effectively, more creatively, through exchange and communication with people in the community have formed many new ideas. 20% feel more motivated in starting a business; 7% said that better quality work at home a bit, the rest are not reviews.

It can say that Ihouse coworking space in particular and Hanoi coworking space in general facilitated startup to promote strongly themselves, which helps entrepreneurs find their own path.


Book a trial

  • Pick a plans
  • Trial20.000VND/Day
  • Daily Entry80.000VND/Day
  • Freelancer1.400.000VND/Month
  • StudioFrom 5.400.000VND/Month
  • Classroom and Event spaceFrom 150.000/Hour

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