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The rise of night owls

Wake up early at dawn, the industrious birds can catch the first worm, but in this new age of global economy, the “early worms” were no longer a guarantee of success. This is the age when the night owl, often regarded as lazy and irresponsible, shine!


1 .The famous “night owls” club

Besides US President Barack Obama, there are many world famous night owls: Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, James Joyce, Keith Richards, Elvis Presley, etc.

Michael Lewis, a renowned journalist, author of the best-seller “New new journalism”, confided to his friend that he liked to work from 7 pm to 4 am, and working at night allow him not to be disturbed: no phone calls, no disturb, only himself and the pen against the challenges of the job.


2, What has changed?

It all stems from the transformation of the global economy: from the industrial economy to a technology economy. In the “old” model of economy, those who work required to be present at the office for a certain period of times to perform certain tasks. This is no longer suitable for today’s economy. Technology allows us to collaborate without the presence, and the most important thing in working is that you can bring efficiency to the company, not that you’re always on time. The old routine of 8 working hours for typical working days are disappearing and modern companies are slowly adapting to allow employees to work under the flexible hours.

However, it’s undeniable that the work schedule from 9am to 5pm is very beneficial for the biological clock of the majority of people, however, the modern work environment becomes more ideal for night owls . Let’s find out why.


3. The night owls have a higher IQ

An early morning person is always appreciated as hard working person, but according to modern scientific researches, individuals have the habit of staying up late at night has just higher IQ. The researcher Satoshi Kanazawa and her colleagues at the London School of Economics found that people with higher IQ prefer to go to bed in the morning and late afternoon. The researchers also examined a large number of US children and found that children with high IQ, abd found out that when they become adults, they would have become night owls at much higher ratio than normal children.

4. The night owls are more creative

Research shows that people who work at night can think with both hemispheres of their brains better at night. Distinct feature like that make the night owls an extremely creative group. Swizec Teller, a veteran programmer, explained in his blog that developers generally prefer to work at night because that is when they can do the job in the most creative way. In other words, while not losing focus, night owls can immerse themselves in the mindset to work and become more creative.

3051519-poster-1280-how-job-prepared-me-for-freelance5. Night owls like taking risks

The modern world is the perfect time to experiment with a risky thing: With the intense competition in both work and life, you have to have a little bit different to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Fortunately for the night owls, they are inherently different, and they also tend to be better venture than those who get up early. This set the stage for them to become better businessmen, or a working person with good strategic thinking and can help solve the strategy problem for the boss.

B_VtwFyVAAQHEj66. They make more money

With higher IQ, ability to innovate and take risks more frequently, the night owls tend to earn higher incomes, according to a study at the University of Madrid. This explains why some of the most successful are night owls, including President Obama, who often hold meetings with senior officials in the government at 11:00h at night. President Obama is even proud to call himself a “night owl” in an interview with Newsweek magazine.

Keval Desai, former Google employee, is also a night owl. He told Lydia Dishman at Fast Company in an interview that he often stayed up all night working and like to do the job that requires intense focus while his family is asleep.

7. The night owl likely to work for longer hours

People often misunderstand that morning people often full of energy early in the morning, while the night owls become energetic at night. However, the truth is different: those who get up early usually energetic continuously until mid-afternoon, then their ability to focus and acumen  were fading. This means that they can not have more vitality in the rest of the day. The night owl is different: the study showed that the night owls offten has an increase in the motor cortex and spinal cord excitability at about 9:00 pm, and they can maintain focus elevation until early morning.

8.They are more likely to develop good social network

Most happy events occurred in the evening, and people are often too tired after work to go out to eat. This is not a huge problem, but it will affect a lot if you work in an industry where your social network can greatly affect your chances of getting more jobs. Those who have the ability to update the information earliest and connect with others in the industry are also the most successful in the job.

vibes-diy-series-night-work-with-sgmk-group9. Lessons

Whether you are someone who has a habit to get up early or a night owl, you should  take advantage of their biological clock for living and working in a way that benefits the most: those who get up early could find the jobs that require you to get up earlier than everyone else at their advantages; while the night owl should choose the job that allows flexible working time, it will make you a healthy, happy owl.


10. iHouse Coworking night owls club

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