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Is there a misunderstanding of Vietnamese startups about coworking space?

Coworking space has grown for many years in the world and in Vietnam, it is in the development stage rather than not really reached the peak. In Vietnam the concept completely new coworking space. Many people still do not really understand about coworking easily lead to confusion with other space coworking space.

Coworking space is not easy to build model, the world today has appeared no less professional coworking space, but the model like this in Vietnam is still limited.


The model of coworking space

Model of shared workspace
If you want to learn about coworking space must first know the general working space is formed by the following factors:


Facilities at the coworking space course to meet the needs of a startup in the modern century. Coworking space in which those who are starting a business with a fixed seat (off lease) and the seat is not fixed (cross over) and it comes with full service necessary to meet needs such as food, printing publications, meetings, …


If such a coworking space has all the gadgets on it can not say it’s a professional coworking space. Demand form startup coworking space that is not a space to enjoy.

Comes with utilities is a community, in this common work space must be selective participant and not everyone can come and just have money that can be rented. The members of this community must have a common objective, certain ideals.


Coworking Space – where people connects

At coworking space, the community has a huge role. They are the small fish, which can operate apart but when necessary can be linked together as a network, interact and exchange, creating opportunities and motivation for sustainable development innovation sesame.

Was a community is indispensable role of information management. Management agencies are not only aware of the information that has the ability to link members to make the shared, collaborative opportunities for members.

In Vietnam, many coworking space pattern was formed but the activity has not really deep and effective. Perhaps we should try to do more to have a really true coworking space.


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