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What factors to be noted when renting working office?

Identifying rented office in long-term, you need to be very conscious in selecting the office. Evaluate the office via the following factors in order to find the best office work yourself.

Renting office should pay attention to price.


Price for renting office space in Hanoi is uneven. The office is located in the center is always more expensive, foxes levels 3-4 times higher than the suburbs. Many businesses choose the centrifuge, rent offices in the western areas of the city or neighboring districts of Ba Dinh, Dong Da. In this area the average price, depending on the grade. Vietnam coworking space.

If you want cheap office rent in Hanoi, can refer to the office building at the My Dinh area. When renting office you should pay attention to the price factor by long-term lease expensive prices will affect corporate finance. Before hiring should refer to the price of neighborhood-based bargaining, office rental prices are most reasonable.

Geographical location

It is also an extremely important factor. Many businesses choose evaluation criteria this is his partner. Should choose the nearest office rental partners, or in places of development, ease of travel, if not close to the center, the main road also leads directly to the center.

Do not rented offices in low-lying areas. Sunny season is fine, but the rainy season is definitely the road jams, flooding will occur, greatly affect the quality of your company.

Do not rent offices in low-lying areas

Research partners

When renting offices, in addition to quality, the office location you also need to understand your partners carefully. If your partner on each stick messy office with a certain business, or fraud has occurred, the best customers you should not “stick” to, affect the reputation of your company. Coworking space.

Attention to idealistic elements

Perhaps the businessmen do not go to the office to this factor, but it is necessary because of the sacred church, which had healed abstaining. When renting office feng shui should see the room. If the room is not good feng shui, not for you, then do not hire because it affects the psychology of your work later.

When agreed to rent office space, all the furniture in the room should be streamlined, do not commit the great harlot in feng shui as to desks facing the wall or to objects in the room unfortunately.


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