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Micro offices for startups

The development of Entrepreneurship in Vietnam brought about the growing demand for office space. However, with the limited budgets, startups or small businesses only demand for really small offices.

Startup khởi nghiệp

Advantages when renting a small office

Small businesses should rent a small office because it fit with less financial resources of the enterprises that are required to meet the employee’s work and facilitate transactions, working with partners , customer.

Although a relatively small space, yet easier to decorate, create a quiet work space, can help employees fully focus on theirwork.

With the small office, if you arrange furniture, rooms are decorated entirely possible that space and eye-catching. Such as hanging a plate to the opposite of the main trading place on, decorative desk with miniature plants, instead of using the walls, you can create a barrier between the room with bookshelves, file cabinets, decorative bulkhead,….


Perfect office space for small businesses or startups

Remarkable small office at coworking.vn

Small office provided by coworking.vn diversity that form and design, comfortable for customers to choose. Our designs are based on modern design trends of the world, in the form of open space. Create favorable conditions for working, easy to talk to many cost savings.

Taxation and prevention procedures simple, quick but correct and sufficient according to customer requirements as well as legally. Ensure maximum benefits and avoid the lessee not less risks during use.

All expenses and revenues are clearly defined in the contract. Limited to the minimum costs incurred, create the most favorable conditions for business customers peace of mind. Hanoi coworking space.

All utensils are decorated in customer requirements, be sure to create beautiful, clean, tidy and creative. Our office is located at the geographic location where the beautiful, harmonious feng shui, convenient for traveling employees, partners and customers.

General reception lounge area, professional employees, good customer care, easy to impress your partner. The equipment and services they need, such as printers, fax, telephone, courier, …. Installed ready to serve guests anytime, anywhere.



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  • Trial80.000VND/Day
  • Daily Entry120.000VND/Day
  • Freelancer1.400.000VND/Month
  • StudioFrom 4.500.000VND/Month
  • Classroom and Event spaceFrom 150.000/Hour

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