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Vượt qua thử thách xây dựng ihouse coworking space thành công

On the road to building a coworking space, create the ideal workspace, help young people succeed startup, ihouse coworking space has gone through many difficulties and challenges. Speaking of today’s achievements can not fail to mention the efforts of yesterday.


Coworking space is tailored for independent people

The effort start from ideas

From the early days to embark on the construction, we have identified coworking space ihouse will not just work space that is still the most important human element in space doing it. To be able to help young people starting a business required to equip a full ihouse coworking space equipment, need something with that, to save time and make sure that no one was distracted by little things.

Community building

A coworking space is not separated from the community or community factors can not be called a true sense coworking space. Create an ideal working space, fit was difficult, to build community by the community even more difficult is not simply material can hold, held that it relates to humans and should be developed by thinking, wisdom.


Coworking space for designers

Build a community with people who crave a successful entrepreneur, coworking space ihouse also attempts to link people with common goals, great for creating a sustainable chain link, tight. Help entrepreneurs who have additional sources of exchanging, learning, thereby producing good ideas, unique.

Revenue Problems

Coworking space can not operate without a turnover. Just like you can not live without eating and breathing the air. But when construction coworking space, revenue is not the most important factor. So how to share the work space can live well, live well is difficult question to all who are building coworking space.

With coworking space ihouse, we look for revenue from services. However, the prices of all services to ensure reasonable, does not exceed the market, even a lot cheaper. Furthermore we seek revenues from startup community. Future directions to start a business advisory services; create conditions for young people can come into contact with the well-known businessman.


Book a trial

  • Pick a plans
  • Trial20.000VND/Day
  • Daily Entry80.000VND/Day
  • Freelancer1.400.000VND/Month
  • StudioFrom 5.400.000VND/Month
  • Classroom and Event spaceFrom 150.000/Hour

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